About me

Year of birth

Allgemeine Hochschulreife (Abitur,A-LevelCertificate)

1987 – 1996
Studies of biology and german historical and contemporary linguistics and literature at the “Universität des Saarlandes” in Saarbrücken. Activity as free author and publication of various belletristic texts in the saarlandian literaturescene.
Member of the “Saarbrücker Schule” around Hans Arnfrid Astel.

1997 – 1998
Professional reorientation and study of business- and popular economics at the bavarian academy for foreign trade in Munich.

Final diploma with grade “very good”.

1998 – 2012
Responsible for sparepart logistics, financial inventory management & pricing at a worldmarket leader for clinical-diagnostic products and services.

Self-Development of various Controlling-, Reporting- and Calculation-Tools for Inventory-Management and Pricing. Self-Development of integrated workflow-based databasesystems for the functional groups in marketing, sales and service. (MS Access, VBA, MS SQL Server, mySQL).

since 2012
Senior Expert Process Support & Data Analysis at a worldmarket leader for clinical-diagnostic products and services.

Providing management insight into and understanding for the service business.
Creating, implementing and managing business intelligence strategies and tools for the service business and related functional areas such as finance/controlling and logistics.
Delivering all kinds of KPI and ad hoc analyses on demand.
Co-Design and supervision of the existing administrative tools of the service business.
Consulting in terms of requirements of a CRM focused approach to the customer service business, including the appropriate software strategy.
On demand design, implementation and maintenance of many specialized software-tools in the area of service, product support, finance and logistics.

since 2004
Own website MSerraSystems ® (MSerraSystems©).

Development and hosting of Online-Database-Systems and -Applications on my own LAMP (Linux, Apache, mySQL, PHP) Server.

I speak and write German, English, Spanish and French.
My programming languages include HTML, SQL, PL/SQL, Perl, PHP, Java, VB, ABAP and I’m able to understand and write any object oriented language.